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Egal ob Mitarbeiter, Lieferant oder Kunde. Wir legen Wert auf einen vertrauens- und respektvollen Umgang miteinander. Unsere langjährige Erfahrung, das Know-how unserer Mitarbeiter und unser kontinuierliches Streben nach Verbesserung bilden die Grundlage unseres Erfolges.

Our expertise

As an all-round supplier, we supply our customers with both secondary and primary raw materials. We recycle different types and forms and adapt all components for the melting process if required.

Whether baling, crushing or briquetting – we take care of your material!

Resource-efficient work

By recycling valuable metals and alloyed scrap – as we do at CRONIMET – the metals can be recycled with almost no loss of quality thanks to a conscientious separation. In this way, the resources are fed back into the raw material cycle.

Headquarter CRONIMET

Our story begins in Karlsruhe in 1980.
Today we are represented in more than 60 locations on four continents.

Learn more about the development and history of CRONIMET.

Our Vision

Metal recycling is our passion. After almost 40 years, the efficient use of finite resources is still a fundamental aspect of our Vision.

Learn more about CRONIMET's visions and goals.

Global Player

With more than 60 locations, we cover the global market for stainless steel and special alloy recycling. This makes us accessible to our suppliers and customers worldwide.

What can we
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