Whistleblowing system 



Whistleblowing system

We are convinced that uncovering criminal activities at an early stage is crucial for fulfilling our social responsibility and for our economic success. We rely on our colleagues and business partners to act responsibly and welcome any information that helps uncover any wrongdoing. Our serious efforts to uncover and remedy misconduct are reflected in the anonymous whistleblowing system.

Violations of laws, of our CRONIMET Code of Conduct and other misconduct can be reported using the whistleblowing system. This ensures that employees and third parties can anonymously and safely submit information in more than 30 different languages, without having to fear negative consequences or disadvantages. Every whistleblower has the possibility to stay informed anonymously about the progress of the processing or clarification of his or her report. 

In addition to the whistleblowing system, direct supervisors and the compliance department are, of course, available to employees in confidence for sensitive issues.

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Our whistleblower guidelines can be found at this link.

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