What we value 



our values

We live out our values

Our corporate values – the basis for everything we are.
They define us, shape us and motivate us equally. We value the following:

We think & act entrepreneurially

We understand this to mean more particularly:

  • Openness to new ideas and flexibility in their execution

  • Readiness to take reasonable risks

  • Quick & flexible responses to market situations

  • Determination to perform & readiness to be measured against goals

„We are amongst the best in our field of activity.“

We continuously evolve as alearning company

We understand this to mean more particularly:

  • Tolerance of faults, with the willingness to learn from them

  • Openness to constructive criticism

  • Promotion of talents & performance

  • Critical challenging of our processes

„We believe that standing still is a step back.“

We treat others the way we want to be treated ourselves

We understand this to mean, more particularly:

  • Trustful & respectful relationships

  • Friendliness & helpfulness

  • Open communication

  • Reliability

„We do not tolerate any discrimination.“

We are the most important contact for our business partners

We understand this to mean more particularly:

  • Development of joint solutions

  • Quick responses to requests of our business partners

  • Fulfilment of the highest quality standards

  • Fairness in our interactions with each other

„We expect the same from our business partners.“

We are aware of our social & ecological responsibility for the community

We understand this to mean more particularly:

  • Conservation of natural resources

  • Preservation of the basis of life for future generations

  • Support of ecological, social, cultural & sporting commitments

  • Awareness of our responsibility beyond legal regulations

„We live our values.“

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