What we value 



our values

We live out our values

Our corporate values – the basis for everything we are.
They define us, shape us and motivate us equally. We value the following.
As we live our values, these are also reflected in our Code of Conduct. You can find the Code of Conduct here in all CRONIMET languages.

We think & act entrepreneurially

We are prepared to take calculated and acceptable risks.

We react quickly and flexibly to current market situations as well as technological and social changes.

We give our best every day and align our actions with the needs and goals of CRONIMET.

We operate within our area of responsibility autonomously, proactively and sustainably.

We continuously develop as a learning company

We use mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow.

We give and are open to appreciative and constructive feedback.

We are always ready to boldly and enthusiastically explore new ideas and question the tried and tested

We continue to develop both professionally and personally in order to become better every day.

We treat others the way we want to be treated

We treat each other with mutual trust and respect, and are open and tolerant of individual, social and cultural differences.

We are a team that supports and relies on each member.

We communicate openly and on equal terms and share our knowledge.

We talk to each other instead of about each other. We can address both conflicts and criticism openly and respectfully.

We are the most important contact for our business partners

We develop solutions for current and future challenges together with our business partners.

We react quickly and in a goal-oriented manner to the wishes of our business partners.

We distinguish ourselves through quality, transparency and reliability.

We work with our business partners in a fair, trusting and collaborative manner.

We are aware of our social and ecological responsibility

We comply with all legal regulations and we take our responsibility beyond the legal requirements.

We contribute to maintaining the natural foundations of life for future generations.

We support ecological, social, cultural and sporting activities.

We communicate our commitment to engage and inspire.

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