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Togo-Hilfe e.V.

Everyone has the right to education - no matter where in the world. This guiding principle characterizes the association Togo-Hilfe e.V. It supports and initiates projects for children and young people to give them a better perspective through school and job training. In addition, the association promotes measures to improve hygiene and health through donations. In accordance with the principle of "helping people to help themselves," the construction of water wells, for example, makes it possible to improve the supply of drinking water. The association Togo-Hilfe e.V., founded in 2002, works entirely on a voluntary basis. The members finance all administrative costs themselves so that 100% of the donations can be passed on to the West African country.

For many years, CRONIMET has wholeheartedly supported the valuable work of the association. Thanks to this commitment, many projects have already been realized. In the current project, our company supports the construction of an accommodation building for young women and girls in a training center. This is intended to give the women the opportunity to complete a qualified education without being at the risk of the hazards of the journey there and back, which are unfortunately a daily occurrence in Africa.

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