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Guiding principles on occupational safety

Guiding principles on occupational safety

With our guiding principles on occupational safety, we offer our employees and business partners maxims that serve as orientation and safeguarding of safety. For us, the preservation and enhancement of safety is in the hands of each individual.

I comply with legal regulations as well as internal requirements.

  • I respect the laws and regulations as well as CRONIMET internal requirements (e.g. policies and procedures).

  • Through my active involvement, I participate in the maintenance and development of safety management.

  • I inform myself independently and regularly about the applicable safety requirements and processes to maintain safety. As a manager, I also fulfil my duty to regularly inform my employees about the topic of safety and to raise their awareness of it.

  • I actively follow legal changes in my area and implement them in accordance with the rules.

  • I openly address ambiguities in order to avoid incorrect interpretations.

I avoid risky behaviour and act in a responsible and exemplary manner in all aspects of occupational safety.

  • I do not expose myself or third parties to avoidable risks through reckless behaviour or disregard of safety requirements.

  • I point out breaches of safety regulations

  • I discuss serious violations with my supervisor.

  • I report accidents promptly and in accordance with the appropriate process.

  • I create the conditions for myself to recognise dangerous situations in time and intervene according to my best knowledge and conscience.

  • In risky situations, ensuring safety comes first, even if this requires higher costs and/or more time.

  • I respect the role model function of every employee, regardless of her, his or my hierarchical position.

  • I ensure a safe workplace at all times to protect others and myself.

I think beyond the boundaries of my own workplace and CRONIMET when it comes to occupational safety.

  • I recognise the uniform safety regulations of the CRONIMET Group at all times. Within the scope of my tasks and my responsibilities, I contribute to ensuring that all locations worldwide are sensitised to the topic of "safety" and practice this.

  • For me, the attitude towards occupational safety does not end when I leave the CRONIMET premises, but is also upheld in the cooperation with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders.

  • On travel and transport routes, I behave with foresight and do not take any risks. In particular, I also comply with the legal requirements in road traffic.

  • I know that the safety regulations of my business partners apply not only to the employees but also to me, and I comply with them.

I work today and in the future to maintain and improve the safety standards at CRONIMET.

  • I continuously question my working methods, also with a view to being able to discover and rectify any security gaps.

  • I report systemic weaknesses that jeopardise the guarantee of safe operation directly to my supervisor. I also report corrective actions, once taken, and possible preventive measures.

  • I independently pass on suggestions and ideas that can improve occupational safety to my supervisor, the occupational safety specialist or via the idea management system. 

  • Within the scope of my responsibility, I support regular audits which serve to review and continuously improve CRONIMET's procedures.

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